My Client Reviews (as seen on yell.com)


Amazing Highly Recommend

Helped me so much made me feel at ease so easy to talk to with such excellent advice highly recommend Penny (JG)

Excellent & Outstanding Counselling Service! 5 star

 Penny is a very competent counsellor, and made a real impact on our clients. I found her to be very approachable, friendly and professional. She was able to effectively counsel clients from many different backgrounds, with differing problems and addictions, and was not phased at all by the problems or issues presented to her on a regular basis. Penny was also flexible in her approach, adapting her counselling technique according to the various needs and desires of our client base.  Confidentiality was paramount to Penny, as she always respected the clients privacy. Again, she turned up time and time again, even when the client had suddenly decided they didn't want to be counselled that day. She was always cheerful and positive. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Penny for your thoughts Counselling.  John Raby  Eagle Community 2nd Stage Rehab


Very glad to of been able to work with Penny. She was always 100% in the room, genuinely think she cares about the clients and making a difference to their lives. Great approach in building confidence and trust, a very genuine and insightful woman. 5 ���️’s  for sure.
Thanks for all your help Penny.

MR Slade

if you have a problem penny is the answer. she very good at what she does. i found her very easy to talk too, professional warm and kind. i had about 10 session with her and in that time i was able to talk about stuff that i was unable to talk to about for the whole of my life. i would recommend penny to anyone in need of help and support more ▼