Is Counselling for me?

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How do I know if counselling is for me?

If you are experiencing difficulty in your life at present, for example, anxiety, depression, trauma or you have a life changing experience, this could be relationship break down, bereavement a change in work circumstances or health problems may be yours or a loved ones.  These are reasons you may want to seek counselling.

This list is just some of the reason, it may be there is an underlying historical event or events that have taken place that you never really dealt with at the time, but feel it is with you in your daily life. Maybe you are experiencing a continued feeling of being unsettled.   There are many reasons, some I haven’t talked about. If you feel uneasy and feel you may want to talk and maybe explore your feelings then counselling could be right for you.   What if you want to change your life because it doesn’t feel like you are achieving or living the way you really want to, this is another reason many people seek counselling.   

Making contact with a counsellor for the first time.   

When you first contact a counsellor, by phone, text or email. They will do their best to make you feel at ease. We know how difficult it can be to reach out and ask for support. After all we are strangers at first and you will be talking about personal thoughts and feelings that you may have never shared before with anyone.

Rest assured every conversation is strictly confidential.  

 We will have a conversation in brief about what is concerning you then arrange a time to meet usually in the counsellor’s office. There is a cost, which varies from one counsellor to another.    I charge £40 per hour for single people and £60 for couple’s therapy.    After the first session if you feel comfortable with your chosen counsellor you would go on to book another session at a time that suits you. This could be a regular time slot each week or sometimes if you work a shift pattern this can be accommodated to.    

How long will I need couselling for?  

Every person is different, you are the best judge of when you are feeling better about things, however as the weeks go by, together we will talk about your progress. It will always be your decision as to when you stop coming for counselling. However you will have learnt better and new ways to handle life with the skills and resources you have picked up along the way with a better understanding of yourself as well   What do you do to help me?   I listen carefully and help clarify your thoughts, I help you to explore and make sense of things. I help you to identify what outcome you want from counselling, I do this in a safe and confidential space. I give you my commitment to work hard to help you find resolve which in turn can help you feel content, happier, a feeling of inner peace and calm an overall experience of wellbeing.

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