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Online via zoom and telephone counselling

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Three ways to receive counselling

1 online
2 Telephone
3 Face to face
You choose what is best for you based on your circumstances and location.

My fee is £40 for one hour of counselling 

I have an office based in Barnstaple, North Devon. So, if you live local, you may want to come to my office; however, I offer my counselling service all over the UK. So you may want to take advantage of the online or telephone service I provide.

I use zoom for video counselling

So as long as you have a safe and confidential space and an internet connection, you can choose from where you speak to me. Whether this is at your place of work or home; it's about whatever suits your lifestyle. The same for the phone a good signal strength with a limited chance of losing the connection if you are using a smartphone.  Sometimes it is useful to use headphones, I usually do. You may find it helps to block out any unwanted background noise that may distract you; it helps keep you focused.


What are the benefits of online or telephone counselling?   · Location,  fit it in with your lifestyle, just make sure you are in a safe, confidential and comfortable space   · More readily available to fit with your timetable, so late evening if you are in business or travelling and no time to stop. Or after the children have gone to bed.    · No driving, no parking, no stress.  Online therapy is as effective as face to face counselling.  Every effort is made to provide a safe and secure environment for your online therapy with encryption software to protect your confidentiality and security.

Online counselling
Zoom is a way for you to see your counsellor face-to-face from your computer while engaging in therapy. You will be guided through setting up your encrypted Zoom account, and you will meet your counsellor on Zoom at a time that you have previously arranged.

Sessions are 50 minutes in length. Being able to see your counsellor gives you more of the benefits you get from face-to-face counselling but with the convenience of online therapy.

Telephone counselling This is similar to webcam counselling as it happens through the Zoom system, or via a handset, but without the visual aspects. You can choose to remain anonymous, and the conversation is encrypted if held on Zoom. An advantage of telephone counselling is that non-verbal communication can be carried in your tone of voice or the pace of speech which can be picked up by your counsellor.
A disadvantage of telephone counselling is that you need a private room where you will not be overheard.

Online counselling offers certain benefits, but some limitations are worth bearing in mind when deciding which type of therapy will best suit your needs. 

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